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Sensual Om 

Being here, in your feminine existence is a mystery which exudes your passion and fire. 

Kali emergence into the soft shell of your soul.

for the masculine

for the feminine

Embracing YOU is Vital

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Tantra Path to a Higher Consciousness

Being here, in your feminine existence is a mystery which exudes your passion and fire. 


"This path is not one of rote prayer or static meditations. It is a rich, active practice of sensual stimulation with music, art, movement, breath work, visualization, and the worship of the divine in others and the self. Tantra inspires a lifestyle that goes beyond form and integrates a spiritual practice fully into our entire being and daily experiences.

In the Western world today, Tantra has the reputation as being the “sex yoga,” but its value is not based on becoming a better sexual partner (although that can become a delicious side affect). Its value is using sexual energy to purify the energy body to become a conduit for higher, spiritual energy to attain enlightenment and supreme bliss. Tantra arose as a religious path around 600 AD as an offshoot of both Hindu and Buddhist paths, but scholars believe Tantric practices are much older, probably a secret, sacred art passed along orally from teacher to disciple. Archeological artifacts found in India dating back to 3000 BC provide evidence that Tantra and yoga were embraced by that culture."

Source: ipsalu tantra



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